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Since early 2000, the trend of logistics automation have been eventually turned into variety of item/load along with lower quantity at high-speed & accuracy. The plastic tote, tray, buckets and crate are the most critical components implementing High speed load picking for faster delivery. KLAS’ automated sortation system for flat goods and piece goods. Through its circular structure, the system can be installed where only few space is available. The modular structure allows for individual configurations to suit project-specific requirements. KLAS’ soters can be far more effective for the complex distribution of small parts, large letters, parcels and packages.

Pop-up roller Sorter
Applied Case : Transportation terminal
Sliding Shoe Sorter
Applied Case : Transportation terminal, Centralized post-shipment center, whole sale DC, Mega size DC.
Narrow belt Sorter
(Energy Saving, Economic type)
Applied Case : Cosmetic, pharmaceutical, Food & beverage, Automotive, transportation terminal.
Cross belt Sorter : (very) small size goods handling / low cost / noise free
Applied Case : Centralized post shipping center, assembling line of home appliance.
Tilt Tray Soter
Applied Case : Distribution center, publication center, apparel line.