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KLAS Conveyor System
Conveyor System
Conveyors are very basic component of logistics & warehouse automation but essential. KLAS provides various of pallet conveyor line-up including efficient branching element, can be combined according to the specific system requirement such as chain, roller, belt, vertical and many different type of diverters (up/down & turning). Tailored components are selected according to the load weight, each different container(Pallet, Box & cage etc..) and dimension of the conveyed goods.
Chain Conveyor
Roller Conveyor
Belt Conveyor
Up/Down Diverter
Turning Conveyor
Vertical Conveyor
- Design can be combined for various dimensional requirement of the load & weight.
- Conveying type is selected according to type of container(Pallet, Box & etc…).
- Module type design in consideration of economic & minimizing system down-time.
- Design to manufacturing and on-site installation to Test & commissioning.
- Consideration for relocate system from initial design stage.
- Consideration for user maintenance friendly from initial design stage.
- Steel frame base with sand-blast treatment and 60μ powder coat finishing to increase long lasting quality.
- Easy plug-in/off design in consideration of Sensors & motor mounting.