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KLAS has known as top player in Steel fabricating & distributor For last 25 years.
The business has been expanding to Logistics Automation System based on the strength souring ‘non-bitable’ raw-material price which will be main component of Logistics’ machinery parts.

KLAS will remain as top play of Steel provider and will be settled down as reliable Intralogistics solution provider with mentioned competitiveness and ensure the benefit will be shared with our client.
The client’s ‘needs’ shall come first at all time. Proceed flexible & reliable system discussion shall be the priority in providing Top Intralogistics Intelligent.
Never be the same solution but more specified requirement from client. KLAS will focus with various angle in end-user point of view to provide tailored system.
KLAS as top player of Steel fabrication & distributing will ensure top quality of raw meterial which will be main components of the system. The system is analyzed & designed by client's requirement & our experience. In-house manuracturing through QAP system.
On-site installation with own team and after sales support as basic set of routine. Those policy KLAS has been established only for system satisfaction which will our client have and it will sure reflect on system high efficiency & out standing cost saving.