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KLAS is expanding business area with numerous experience of material handling sector. The major part, such as Automated Storage & Retrieval System not limited to Auto-warehouse, ability to deal with work-in-process material handling as well as distribution area which requires high throughput & integrated logistics solution.
The experience KLAS has is building-up with client interaction, industrial feasibility study based on client’s system requirements. KLAS provides list of system selection throughout the system analysis & study which will bring the system cost comparative but no compromised its quality.

This is the KLAS policy how we see the project and care our customers last 20 years.
Designed & built by single supplier
: Entire process remain as 'in-house' policy, suppy to onsite installation,
providing One-Stop service
Short reaction paths
Allocate the project manager per single project
which will ensure stable project quality & boots up-flexible system interface.